Since Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platform in the world with a userbase of billions, it is quite easy for some amazing content to go viral and make you an Instagram sensation. That is the reason why it has become a pedestal for numerous social media influencers who have shot to fame by posting great quality contents on the platform. Be it acting, stand up comedy, art, music, cooking, sports, workout and more, if your content and ideas are good, then you are bound to taste success on Instagram. That being said, Instagram Engagement is actually at times, a game of the Likes, Shares, and Followers.

If you are consistently posting good quality content and stories on your profile, then you are bound to get good engagement and a healthy amount of likes, share, and followers. But on the low side, if you become too complacent with this game and not follow some logical patterns and tricks, you may also witness your Likes going down and a drop in your follower count. The reason behind this can be many but are mostly connected to your profile activities.

The Instagram Algorithm is pretty damn advanced, acting differently for different user accounts and nothing you do with your profile goes unnoticed, first by the Insta developer team and then by your followers!

Why are my Instagram Likes going down?

You may have noticed that for a certain period of time, your Insta profile was on a high and your posts were garnering a healthy amount of likes every now and then. But after a point, you notice your Instagram Likes going down consistently. It may not be a big deal for some, but for those who take Instagram seriously, you need to figure out what is it that you are doing wrong! So here are a few logical reasons behind your Instagram Likes going down and how you can fix the problem.

Audience Quality is Poor!

The quality followers that you have on your list greatly affects the insights of your content. Of course, having a large number of followers is usually a good thing, but it only works in your benefit if the followers are not inactive or fake users. The more genuine followers you have, the content you post will have immediate and good outreach. Genuine and active followers will instantly act on your posts, view, like and share them, thus boosting your insights. Whereas having fake followers will just decrease your engagement rates because they JUST FOLLOW.

When I talked about Instagram Algorithms before, I mentioned that the algorithms work differently for different users and actions. The Instagram algorithm evaluates the engagement of different user based contents as follows:

  1. Your new post will be shown to a small percentage of your followers when it is posted.
  2. The algorithm will measure the number of likes and comments that build up and then compare them to the engagement on the previous posts you’ve uploaded.
  3. The new post will be shown to your remaining audience as well if it is getting higher engagement than your old ones.
  4. However, if the new post is getting less engagement, then it indicates you may have fake followers. As a result of this, you may lose the chance to have your post shown to the rest of your audience.

The thing that fake and inactive profiles are that they almost never interact with your posts. They just remain in your profile as followers. And as a result, your engagement rate will surely start experiencing a dip!

Comment Pods

Instagram’s algorithm is constantly being developed with the increasing user base, and with the recent change, numerous users have taken to using comment pods to cheat it. Comment pods are an inauthentic way to improve engagement. A Comment pod is a group quite simply a group of Instagram users who band together to help increase engagement on each other’s content. This can be done through likes, comments, or follows. Instagram now bans users they feel are part of a comment pod.

Instagram Likes going down
Comment Pod groups on Instagram

Automation and Bots

There are numerous automation websites like Instagress and MassPlanner in the market that create bots to help users gain followers and engagement. They aren’t fake accounts but small robot clones of a user with the same style and interests. These bots artificially drive up engagement for accounts by automatically liking and commenting on posts made by other people. Instagram has been cracking down on such websites and services which offer Instagrammers to create bots for automation.

Shortcuts like bots and comment pods may help you gain more engagement for a short period of time, but when it comes to building a loyal and dependable follower base, then these won’t help you in the long-run. Moreover, these bots and pods give users a false sense of security.

Restricted Hashtags

Restricted Hashtags also play a major role in decreased engagement on Instagram. The platform classifies some hashtags like #beautyblogger, #follow4follow, #storyforstory and more as spammy and reduces post visibility. In any way, the wrong, inappropriate or overuse of hashtags will result in spamming and decrease in engagement. So once your account has been flagged for restricted hashtags, Instagram check for suspicious activity on it and possibly may most likely ban you.

Instagram Likes going down


Research studies and analytics over the past 2-3 years have constantly shown a drop in post interactions on Instagram. According to tie researches, Instagram has experienced a drop of 33% in post interactions over the past year. Photos have seen a 27% drop in likes and comments and Videos have experienced a drop of 39%. The sole reason behind these falling numbers is Instagram saturation!

Saturation, as we all know, is the maximum point a property can reach, after which its intensity starts dipping. This same idea governs the concept of Instagram Saturation. The user base and posting frequency on Instagram have increased multiple folds over the past 3 years. With a user base in billions and users of thousands every day, users are following more accounts than before. As a result, they are seeing more content in their feeds. So basically there is increased competition for engagement and an average user has just too much content to keep up with. This has ultimately resulted in an overall decline in engagement!

How to fix this?

Once you have understood how the above-mentioned points affect your Instagram Engagement, it is important to figure out the possible solutions to tackle these issues. So here are the ones we recommend you to follow because they are easy and logical, to say the least!

Use Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags are perhaps the most important and sort after tools to gain popularity among targeted audiences in any Social media platform if used correctly, particularly on Instagram. Users are able to find, follow and interact with your Instagram account depending on the hashtags you add in your posts and the ones they search for. So it is necessary and strongly recommended to use hashtags sensibly. Using and abusing random popular hashtags on the platform will result in a dip in your audience engagement.

Instagram Likes going down
Instagram Insights

There should be an appropriate strategy in the pattern and types of hashtags you use in your posts. Using popular and relevant hashtags to your target audience is necessary to get featured in feeds. You must leverage those hashtags that your audience is using, so naturally, a little bit of research is important.

One cool thing about hashtags is that you can create unique and creative hashtags to use with your posts. This comes in real handy if you are promoting your own brand or project through your Instagram account. But that doesn’t mean you create 5-6 hashtags for your account. Just create one or two (At max) and make them your own! This will help narrow their scope, and thus users will find them more engaging.

Instagram Likes going down

Utilize Calls-to-Action

Calls-to-Actions are an important aspect you need to take care of if you are aiming to promote yourself or your brand in a sustainable way. This involves many key tools like adding a captivating caption to your posts, adding links to your stories and bio, etc. The objective here is to encourage your followers and viewers to interact with your posts is to add a call-to-action in the caption.

Call-to-Actions is the key to getting seen by your followers!

Posts with higher engagement are more likely to feature in user feeds based on the way the Instagram algorithm works now. The objective here is to give your audience something to think about. You can ask them a question to take in their views, ask what they think about a new product. The most common thing to apply here is asking them to use the comment section to leave a reply to your questions. This trick effectively facilitates the organic growth of your posts and profile and is a brilliant way to increase your engagement!

Instagram Likes going down
Example of Call-to-Action

Strategize Your Posting Times

There are certain hours during a day when Instagram encounters the maximum traffic and engagement rates are at its peak. So, if you want to improve your engagement rates, then you should very well target these peak traffic hours to ensure maximum outreach of your content. The idea is to post during peak hours when the bulk of your target audience and followers are online. By doing so, you’ll maximize the audience for your posts.

The peak times will obviously greatly vary depending on the kind of audience you are targeting and the time zones. Instagram Insights is an important tool which most Instagram business accounts use to discover when their followers are most active on the platform and interact with their posts. It’s all about experimenting a little bit by posting at different times to figure out the best times to post and get the highest engagement rates.

Upload Quality Content

The quality of the content you post on Instagram is extremely important if you are looking to hit the highest engagement rates. It doesn’t matter if your posts are not so frequent, by it is strongly recommended to focus more on the quality of content to increase engagement. A good quality post on Instagram should include a mixture of captivating images/videos, good editing, attractive captions, and appropriate and relevant hashtags. Taking care of these things strategically ensures a proper growth strategy for your target audiences.

Posting good quality content goes to show their commitment to promoting and encouraging authentic engagement!

Instagram Stories

Once you’ve figured out how to handle your posts properly, you should put in a little effort in making the most of the Instagram Stories feature. Instagram Stories are one of the most effective ways of improving your engagement rate and rake in more likes and comments in real-time. You can promote your posts strategically through Insta stories by sensibly using the tools and features available for use. This includes utilizing relevant hashtags in your Stories to reach more people and grab their attention.

A little over 80% of people prefer live content from brands over their normal social media posts!

Using live content and stories are a great way to showcase yourself in an authentic fashion. You have the liberty to curate your stories in a variety of ways. You can give your followers a sneak peek into some behind-the-scenes moments. looks and bloopers to get them interested. If you are promoting a product on through your stories, then you can also show them how it is created/manufactured and the efforts that go into making it the final finished product. You might as well share stories from Live events as well for your audiences to see.


Gaining popularity on Instagram definitely does take a lot of time, but what’s even more difficult is sustaining that popularity. The number of likes and reactions you garner on your posts will always keep fluctuating, but if you notice a downward average trend in the likes you are getting, then you surely must try to figure out what’s wrong and what you need to do to get back on track. Taking the right actions to prevent your trends from falling is a necessary step you must take if you wish to maintain your popularity for a longer time!