If you are an active Instagram user and keep posting stuff on a regular basis, then there often comes a point where you run out of ideas and content to upload. This “Saturation” of ideas is a very common thing, coz the limit of every person’s creativity varies. The ideas and strategies for posting content on Instagram are different for personal and business accounts. Business accounts usually have a dedicated team to handle their promotions on Instagram. The struggle is for personal Instagram accounts, who are not sure what to post on Instagram.

So, here is what we’re going to do today!

In this part 1 of a duology of “What to post on Instagram?”, I’m going to share some tips and Instagram post ideas to help you think about what to post on your personal Insta account

Let’s get started then!

What to post on Instagram for personal accounts?

If you are handling a personal account on Instagram and use the platform for fun, then you definitely love to grow your audience and have a larger outreach with time. If you want that to happen, then there are 3 ways to do it:

  1. Post anything you want!

This is no rocket science. Just take a LOT of photos, all the time, wherever you are! Photos of things you want to remember. Many people who feel happy and excited about sharing there little day to day activities through stories and posts, and your followers will feel it and will want to see more from you. People always love to connect with people and see what other people are up to.

So, the simple funda here is “Share what makes you happy”. Anything that you are passionate about, or feel proud of, will work just fine! Regardless of what people think, just go for it. Develop a little mentality in yourself that “If I’m proud of it, I’m posting it”.

It’s best you keep the overall look of your feed cohesive if you take a lot of different photos with different colors. In that case, all you have to do is use the same filter on all your photos. It will make your whole feed look nice. I recommend the “Juno“, “Ludwig“, “Clarendon” and “Lark” Insta filters for everyday photos. You can also try adjusting the “Lux” slider to add or reduce the dark tinge in the picture.

  1. Don’t make your account for EVERYTHING!

Instead, you should just choose 1 to 5 things you want to showcase on your feed. Let’s take fashion, landscapes, and food for example. Now that you have decided what your account should be about, think of the ways you could interconnect these 3 DIFFERENT genres into one single post because just these three categories might be a bit restrictive.

However, being restrictive is actually good because it helps you know what photos to take and upload. Furthermore, you will find it easier to plan and manage a feed that focusses on something specific. If done the right way, you’ll never, ever run out of posts!

  1. Brainstorm! Get creative! Have fun!

If you have no idea what photos to take or what kind of feed you want to curate, then just do a little effort. Go on Instagram, search and find an account you really like. Now browse through that account and find photos you would love to take. Next, just try to recreate these photos but try not to make the idea look like an exact copy of the original. This way you will learn how to take good photos, enhance your creativity and it will also inspire you to create your own, unique photos later on.

Figure out your PASSION,

Stay focussed,




What is something you love to do or talk about? Hobbies or interests? Or probably something that is unique about you?

Are you comic and fun-loving?

Do you love to travel?

Into Health & Fitness?

Are you a nature lover? The ocean, Hills, and Sunsets turn you on?

Or are you a Foodie?

Or you LOVE your dog?

The options and possibilities are endless if you think of it clearly! You don’t always need to think about what to post. Just document parts of your life, take a bunch of photos, videos you want to share with friends, family, nice people you will meet on Instagram.

Think of your Instagram as your personal journal and you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it!

Here are some cool examples we picked up for you to understand:


She posts fun poses and takes fun photos using different props (like flowers) and is also known for her amazing dance moves. Notice how neat and well-organized her entire feed is. She has even made categories of her archived stories for her followers and viewers to check out.

What to post on Instagram for personal accounts?


She loves traveling and keeps sharing photos of her travels, landscapes on a regular basis. She loves food and also shows off the amazing delicacies she eats. And needless to say, she has 2 really adorable pups! She has literally designed her Instagram account like her personal journal of things she wants to remember and share with everyone.

What to post on Instagram Personal accounts?More than tricks or hacks, these are some basic but very crucial ideas that you should keep in mind if you are an active Instagram user and are serious about your account. Throughout this post, the basic idea was for you to understand what or where passion/interest lies and how you can GET CREATIVE WITH YOUR NICHE! Also, we emphasized how important it is to keep your Insta feed neat and well-organized so that it looks visually appealing to your followers.

This was Part 1 the duology “What to post on Instagram?” focussing on personal Instagram accounts. Next up is Part 2, focussing on what to post on Instagram for Brands/Businesses!