Instagram has a lot of cool and hidden tricks that you probably haven’t heard or tried out yourself to add that “WOW” factor to your Instagram stories. You must have seen some brands and businesses upload some visually stunning stories that make you go “Woah! How did they make this one?”

Some stories are extremely pleasing to the eyes and now you would want to create stunning stories like these, so you download so many third-party editing apps like Canva, Unfold, etc. But actually, some of the coolest, most useful and very easy to use features, editing tools and techniques are in fact hidden within the Instagram application and you can use them just if you just become a little more creative and become aware of the flexibility of the platform.

That being said, we have discovered one really amazing feature within the Instagram app that you can use to create visually appealing Insta stories with some tweaks here and there and make your followers go bonkers!


So the crux of this trick we found out is the most common editing method that 99% of editors in the world use today in some way or the other. You guessed it right, THE USUAL COPY-PASTE METHOD! Now let us find out how you can use the conventional copy-paste method to spice up your Insta stories.

  • Open the Instagram app and swipe left to your stories.
  • Just click a random pic or selfie. TOTALLY RANDOM!
  • Select the brush tool and choose a solid color from the spectra below, which you would want as a background. You can also upload a photo background from your camera roll.
Instagram Copy paste Story Hack

Now let’s get on with the actual trick!

  • Go to your camera roll and select a photo you like.
  • Tap the share button and press copy.
Instagram Copy paste Story Hack
  • Now go back to your Insta story and you will see a popup showing “Add sticker”. Tap on it!
Instagram Copy paste Story Hack
  • Now go back to the camera roll and copy-paste another photo just like you did above. And Walah! Here you have your collage.
  • You can repeat this step to add as many pics you would like to into your story. As long as it looks attractive of course!
Instagram Copy paste Story Hack
  • Another cool thing about this feature is that you can also copy-paste transparent like a Polaroid frame, ripped paper and more.
  • Oh, you can even add gifs and videos the same way!

Now you can adjust, resize, add texts, emojis, stickers and every little thing you have always done with your Insta stories to make it look just the way you have imagined it to be!


  • This trick is only exclusive to iPhone users as of now. Android users will have to wait

So that’s how you can use this cool Instagram Copy paste Story Hack to create and post attractive stories whenever you want!