Instagram stories are an awesome way to connect with an audience, friends, family and customers alike, and the best hacks are kept under wraps. These hacks are used by Instagram models, brands and business to keep the audience engaged enough for them to view multiple stories. It shall no longer be the case though, as we are here to reveal them to the masses!

Making Instagram stories stand out from the crowd is easy with these tips. The most engaging stories are just a touch away from the average user. Engagement with the audience is also the core reason brands upload stories on their Instagram accounts, and plenty of small and big brands may not be aware of these useful functionalities.

We have come up with the best hacks we could find. This is part 1 of the “Amazing Instagram Story hacks that will blow your mind!” series, so, keep reading to know these amazing hacks to switch up your Instagram game!

Instagram Story hacks that will blow your mind!

1. Make a collage with multiple photos

Have you ever felt the need to add multiple related photos on a single Instagram story rather than having separate stories for each one? Sometimes you might want to cover an event in your story and if you had a good time you may have several amazing pictures from that one event, and don’t want to have separate stories for each one. Making a collage is an efficient way of bringing across your experiences to your friends without having an endless string of stories where even your friends zone out of sheer boredom. Its also a fun and interesting way of making stories, and your followers are sure to ask you how you did it. 😉

A business can use it for similar purposes, as followers are even less inclined to view every story when they are just customers for a product, such as users for an app. Instagram models benefit in a similar way an average user would when it comes to sharing an event.

Here is how to do it!

For iOS devices

  • Add a solid background to your story.
  • Select a photo from the Photos app.
  • Tap the Share button and copy the photo.
  • A popup will appear when you go back to the Instagram stories page.
  • Add multiple photos this way. Arrange these photos to make a collage.

For Android devices

Android users will have to download the Gboard app from the Play Store. 

  • Add a solid background to your story.
  • Long press the smile comma button.
  • Click on smile button.
  • Add any photo and GIF of your choice.
  • Add multiple photos and arrange these to make a collage.

The trick doesn’t finish here. You can also add transparent PNGs to make it look even more awesome! We have collected some really fabulous .png elements like Polaroid frames, round frames, ripped paper and more which would make your audience invested in your stories!

2. Make animated stories with Mouve app

Making a collage is great for regular static stories but you can take your Instagram story game to a different ballgame by adding moving stories! Download the app called Mouve, available for Android and iOS devices, which is the best and easiest way to make animated stories without using gifs and videos. The app has a user-friendly design which makes Instagram stories convenient to make. Follow the steps below to make an animated frame for your next Instagram story,

  • Install the Mouve app
  • Open the app and follow the tutorial to understand the different functionalities of the app.
  • Swipe through the available categories in the app and click on the one you wish to use.
  • Select any of the templates which you find attractive.
  • Replace the default photo with a custom photo you want in your story.
  • Replace the default caption with a caption which fits the photo with a message to your audience.
  • Go to Edit > Duration to change the length of the animation.
  • Go to Edit > Color to change color.
  • Download the animation or share it directly from the app.

Voila! You have made your first animated Instagram story! Mouve is a freemium app with cool free features and some extra premium subscription features available for people who want to remove the watermark from the animations.

Instagram Story Hacks

Though the watermark isn’t very noticeable and should not detract from the quality of animation either way, especially for an audience consisting of family and friends but nonetheless if you are the one who gets bothered by the minute and intricate bits, then you may want to get rid of the watermark.

3. Tease your audience with the Scratch Card effect!

Teasing an event, product, and post on your stories and directing your audience to your Instagram account/product page/website is a common way businesses and influencers engage their audience in a business savvy sense. You can take it a step further by using the Scratch Card effect by partially covering a thumbnail of the product with a solid BG color. Keep reading to know how to use it!

  • Upload a photo in your Story.
  • Tap the Pen button on the upper side of the display and select a solid BG color.
  • Tap and long-press the display until you get a solid BG color.
  • Tap the Eraser button on the upper side of the display.
  • Tap on the color where you want to tease your photo.


Instagram Story Hacks

4. Hide hashtags

Hashtags can ruin the presentation of a story. They can, however, be hidden from view. Hashtags can be made smaller the same way a user zooms out a photo. This is well known to most people, but if you aren’t in the know, put one finger on either side and drag them closer to make it appear smaller. It doesn’t, however, hide it entirely from view. Place a photo on top of it to hide it. It is even better when you choose a color for text which blends with the BG color to retain the full photo without anything added to it.

Hashtags should be kept above a certain size to ensure they are registered by Instagram. It’s better to use a pull-up menu item and color blend it to hide it while it still registers on search.

5. Share multiple Question Stickers on a Single Instagram Story

Do you ever feel like answering questions put by your audience is a hassle just because of how many stories you have to make? You can cut the number of stories needed a lot shorter when you post answers to multiple questions on the same story. How? Glad you asked. Instagram models have a lot to gain from these, as they can receive thousands of questions in a day and this will help them accommodate answers to 5 times the questions. Share multiple question stickers on a single Instagram story by doing the following:

  • Respond to one question and make a story.
  • Screenshot the response and exit from the story.
  • Open the screenshot and respond to a different question and lay it on top in such a manner which doesn’t obstruct the answer to the previous question.
  • Continue this path until the questions take up the entire space.
  • Share the answer to the last question you could fit. There should be enough space for you to respond to 5 questions.

Instagram Story Hacks

For presentation purposes, you might want to fit fewer stickers on each of your stories. You could have up to 5 times more responses, but you could also have up to 5 times fewer stories to respond to the same questions. It’ll keep your audience happy!