The Gbox Keyboard is finally here! After months of rigorous designing, beta testing and glitch removals, the new and much awaited Gbox Keyboard is finally ready to roll out as an official addition into the list of amazing tools Gbox offers to Instagrammers! For months the developers of Gbox have been brainstorming on ways to change the way people play around with their Instagram stories. Over 80% of the Instagrammers out there use the default Instagram tools and features to create their stories on Insta. While the remaining 20% of the creative minds choose to use other third-party applications to craft some amazing content for their Insta stories which can not be made using the default Instagram story tools. For that, they mostly have to do all the editing and content creation outside the Instagram app, save the work in their Gallery and then upload it on their stories. THAT’S the loophole the Gbox developers chose to capitalize on!

As Gbox already is an “All-in-one” toolkit for all your Instagram needs, the developers have taken the game a step further by developing a cool new keyboard that will allow you to create the most amazing and out of the box Instagram stories by utilizing the conventional editing tools of cut, copy, paste, resize, zoom and a lot more using one single keyboard WITHOUT EXITING THE INSTAGRAM APP!  Though the GBox Keyboard is still at the beta testing stage, it is almost ready to be rolled out as an official Gbox app update in a few days. So we planned to give you a quick yet comprehensive insight into this new tool and how you can create stunning Instagram stories with it even before it is officially added into the next downloadable Gbox update.


The All-New Gbox Keyboard is here!

The Gbox Keyboard is not just like any other regular smartphone keyboard you may have used before, its a lot more than that! The developers had it in mind to create a keyboard that would let you use images from your gallery to create your Instagram stories directly from the keyboard itself, while also use it as a conventional keyboard for typing text. So yes, it is a “Keyboard”, which means you can use it for your regular day to day texting activities while doing what Gbox has designed it to do. All you will need to do is enable the Gbox Keyboard in your device’s language and input settings. So here’s a guide about how to use the Gbox Keyboard and what all you can do with it!

How to enable?

  • First, open the Gbox App. If it is the latest update, you’ll have the Gbox Keyboard tool as a highlight on the app’s home screen. If you haven’t updated the app yet, please do it from the App Store or Play Store.

(If you don’t see any update available for Gbox, then it probably hasn’t rolled out yet. Don’t worry, We’ll be there very soon!)

  • Now tap on the “Gbox Keyboard” tool. You’ll be shown a quick tutorial video about the keyboard. Do check it out!
  • Tap on “Next
  • Now you will be asked to enable the keyboard from your phone’s language and input settings. Tap on the “Enable in settings” option and you’ll be redirected to the settings page on your phone. Just enable the keyboard there!
  • After enabling, you need to select Gbox Keyboard as your default keyboard.
  • That’s it! Your Gbox Keyboard is now enabled and ready for use.

(Please note: After a reboot, this app can’t start until you unlock your phone)


Now that you have enabled the Gbox keyboard, let’s see how you can use it to create attractive collages having multiple images for your Insta stories without exiting the Instagram app. You can select a nice attractive background image from your gallery. Portrait or landscape, it’s entirely your choice. The fun part of using the keyboard, however, comes when you try to create a solid color background with it for your Insta story.


How to create a solid color background?

  • Just click any random picture with the Insta camera. The picture won’t matter as it will be covered by a solid color later.
  • Now tap on the pen icon on the top and select a solid color from the options given below.
  • Once you’ve selected your color, long press anywhere on the image and your chosen color will fill the screen. Tap on “Done
  • Now open the Gbox Keyboard and tap on the image icon at the bottom.

  • Just swipe right or left to scroll through your images. You can now choose the images that you wanted to put up in your collage DIRECTLY FROM THE KEYBOARD ITSELF!
  • You can also choose a different folder to select your images by tapping on the folder name shown on top of the keyboard.


  • Now you can start adding as many images as you want in a single story!
  • You can resize the images, rotate them, add stickers, texts, tag people, and every other thing you do with your normal Instagram stories.

Isn’t it cool how effortlessly you added multiple images and edited them all in a single Insta story without having to exit the Instagram app even for once? THAT’S THE MAGIC YOU CAN CREATE WITH THE GBOX KEYBOARD!