Instagram is a clean platform and actively discourages people from buying followers. With the consistent developments being made in the Instagram Algorithm every passing day, the developers reserve the right to suspend accounts that buy fake followers while also purging the fake followers. Similarly, if you buy likes, it can push your engagement statistics outside an acceptable range, and make your account look questionable.

There are several easy and logical ways to spot false engagement on Instagram. Comparing the ratio of likes to comments on posts is one such way. Though there are no Instagram textbook guidelines regarding any “tight” ratios here, still, if you see a lot of likes but few comments on a series of posts, then you can pretty much guess that the Instagrammer has bought likes.

Nothing ever misses the Instagram Algorithm. Every activity of yours is being closely followed! So, if Instagram suspects you of dishonest practices, they might warn you the first time, but not for a second time. All in all, your account may very well stand the risk of getting suspended if you engage in such dodgy practices!

Genuine influencers build their following organically. Of course, this will take time. But there is a real danger that you will lose all credibility if you try and take shortcuts!

Buying Instagram followers only has short term benefits and indulging in this practice will retard the quality and credibility of your account. If you want to become a true Insta influencer and have long term benefits, it is recommended to stay true and grow organically. Yes, it may take time, but then your credibility will never be doubted of your account grows with good quality posts, stories, comments, and other key actions.

In today’s post, we will tell you 5 key reasons why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers!

5 reasons why you SHOULD NOT buy Instagram followers!

     1. Fake Followers Don’t Engage!

This fact can be broken down into 2 key points:

  • If you buy Instagram followers, they will show on your profile as thousands or millions on your “Followers” list, which may look appealing on the outside, but the inside story is completely different.
  • Instagram followers you buy will ONLY work as a showpiece on your profile, showing that you have a great number of followers. But these followers will NEVER engage with your account.

The most simply elaboration we can give for these points is that the Insta followers you buy will not interact with any of your Instagram activities. They won’t like, comment or share your posts. They won’t view your stories or share them with others. If you used to have an average of around 50 likes on your posts when you had maybe 300 followers, you will still average something around 52-55, after buying maybe 5000 followers.

Sometimes they aren’t real people at all, merely fake bot accounts! Bought followers will never see anything you post. At the very least, you would want your followers to look at your posts, even if they don’t like or share them.

Be clear of the fact that you WILL NOT gain any genuine engagement from your purchased Instagram followers.

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This thing is crucial for those people to understand you fancy themselves as an influencer. Your account may look appealing on the outside after you’ve bought 10,000 followers. But when it comes to established or growing brands approaching you for endorsements, any brand will check out your validity as an “influencer” before they decide to work with you.

Quite obviously, if you want to be considered an influencer, then you have to have the power and ability to influence your followers’ behavior. And that can only happen if you have “Real” and genuine followers on your list. You will especially have little use for followers who never engage with your posts if you operate a brand’s account.

If you buy fake followers, then they don’t engage with you, and ultimately you aren’t influencing them in any way!

     2. Inappropriate Bot Comments

As mentioned above, purchased followers will not engage with your Instagram posts and activities. Sometimes, however, you will get comments from fake followers that may be in a completely different language to your own. Unless you use something like Google Translate, you will have no idea as to what they say. Most of the off-language comments made by such followers are really ads for sex toys or extremist political groups.

One very common thing about comments made from bot accounts is that they are mostly generic comments on posts. The best example of generic comments from these accounts is an automated “nice post” comment. At times it is actually hard to distinguish whether a comment is genuine or not. However, the most common tail-tell is that you may at times spot the generic comments to be totally inappropriate for a particular post.

Buy Instagram Followera
An example of Bot comments on Instagram

For instance, you might make a post announcing about an injury you recently endured in an accident. A fake follower ends up commenting “nice post” or “good one”. Now it is obvious that comments like these don’t exactly look good to the other people perusing your account. So, it will make other viewers doubt the genuineness of your “Seemingly huge” follower base!

     3. Bought Followers = Spam!

When we say that purchased followers are not genuine, we mean two things. Number 1; Most of your purchased followers are fake/false accounts. Number 2; Others are simply spamming. You should well beware of the fact that you are opening up your account to buckets of spam posts by buying these fake followers. And that ugly part is that this may not just be restricted to your Instagram account either.

Buy Instagram Followers
An example of Spam accounts on Instagram

In cases where users provide an email address for purchasing the accounts, they are providing another opportunity for these people to spread their spam in your mailbox as well. This may even happen if you have your email ID written on your Instagram profile. What additionally happens here is that these spammers now have access to your followers to deliver your spam too.

     4. You Won’t Earn Money!

Let’s suppose you own an online clothing brand and you wish to promote and you’re your business through Instagram. Now if you end up buying fake followers just to show your profile visitors that “We are followed by millions”, what will you ultimately get out of it in terms of money? The fact of the matter here is that these purchased followers, whether spam or totally fake, will not spend any money on your products. None of these people will come to your site and buy your product.

Moreover, the bought followers won’t even refer people to you or your brand to people. What makes it even worse that even brands will choose not to work with you if you buy followers, simply because the fake ones are so easy to spot. Brands don’t want to hamper their reputation by working with unworthy accounts. They have been in the market longer than you have, so they can tell what’s real and what’s not.

Brands are selective about who they for collaborations and endorsements. They do not select their influencers based on their number of followers alone!

If you are a brand, there is little point boosting your company account numbers falsely. With Instagram continually purging the fake accounts you buy you will rapidly see the money you outlay disappear!

     5. Destroys Your Credibility as an Influencer!

Genuine influencers build their following organically and never resort to buying followers. Any brands who could potentially hire you will have a close look at your follower base to figure out how genuine an influencer you are. Maintaining the image and credibility especially for brands running Instagram accounts is an important thing to do. Visitors and potential customers will also begin to query your worth as a business if they notice that your account looks unusual in any way. They might as well grow a doubt in their minds whether you are also dishonest in other areas of your business practices.

So even though organically growing your follower base will take time, you will at least be free from the real danger of losing all credibility if you try and take shortcuts. You need to work on building an organic following. You should consistently share quality posts and might as well work to get genuine shout-outs from people on Instagram. This will ensure that their followers and visitors may come and take a look at what you have to offer. You could even consider buying some Instagram ads, which will increase your reach and hopefully pull in genuine followers.

If you have a budget to “buy” followers, it is better to spend that money on advertising and extend the reach of your posts to people who will actually have an interest in what you share!