Do you own your online business? Probably a restaurant, a clothing line, movie merchandise or fashion accessories? If yes, then there are no second thoughts to it that you are willing to promote your business through social media, especially through Instagram! Instagram has become the fastest growing platform for promoting brands, businesses, and talent. The platform has become a paradise for social media influencers who are aiming to promote themselves and endorse others in order to reach a wider global audience from anywhere, anytime.

Promoting your business on Instagram is an art, which if well mastered, can help your business scale up the ranks and earn goodwill, reputation, and success. However, if you make some crucial mistakes that you shouldn’t, then you may also end up tarnishing your image and reputation. Something which is a strict NO NO for any kind of business! Unless you’re a popular Instagram celebrity who attracts fans wherever they set up a social media profile, you’ll need to stick to a few basic rules, and avoid some mistakes like these, to really succeed at Instagram. So in this post, we will talk about the top 6 things mistakes that businesses must avoid making on Instagram.

6 things businesses should not do on Instagram! 

      1. DO NOT put up a bad bio!

It is an understood fact, that your Insta bio is in a way, the “Face of your brand”. So naturally, you want to ensure that the face looks good! What I mean through this is that your bio lays the first impression about your brand and you need to craft your bio in such a way that it is crisp, concise, defines your business and its purpose. All within Instagram bio’s 150 character limit.

There are several examples on Instagram where a seemingly promising business is not doing well simply because it has a terrible bio, that does nothing to identify their purpose to the viewers. About 85% of the visitors on your account will first have a look at your bio. Don’t write unnecessary and nonsense things on your bio. Try to make sense while being unique. If you have a crisp and well-organized bio, then you’ll lay a good first impression on the visitor.

Your bio is essentially the primary post of your Instagram account that a visitor will see. So here are a few things you should have in a good bio:

  • First, introduce yourself in the shortest yet most interesting way possible!
  • Don’t use short forms or acronyms that your visitor may not understand right away.
  • Explain what your business does and why you’re unique from your competitor clearly and concisely.
  • Use appropriate line spacing to make it easier for your audience to read. You may use an emoji or two!

6 Things Businesses SHOULD NOT DO On Instagram!

The prime idea that should toggle your brain cells is that “If your brand could only say one thing to the Instagram world to get what it is that you do across, what would it be?”

     2. DO NOT be inconsistent!

Promoting your business on Instagram, you must always give the people what they want! This would require you to post good content consistently, showcasing your products or what services you provide to customers. Try to avoid being inconsistent with your posts. There are two dimensions to this point.

  • Over-posting

You know your existing customers, as well as potential future customers, are visiting your Instagram page for a reason, so you better have fresh content to greet them with. You should maintain a decent frequency of posts. However, that doesn’t mean that you will post 3-4 times a day or 10 posts in 2 days kind of thing. THAT is extremely unprofessional. Another reason for not over-posting is that once a visitor follows your account, he/she will get flooded with your posts if you keep uploading multiple posts daily. That would become very annoying and may force them to unfollow you or turn off your notifications. One post in every 2-3 days is ideal to maintain a balance in your account’s activity and also so that you have your stock to post in the future.

  • Prolonged inactivity

Another mistake that many businesses make on Instagram is that they upload their posts every day for 2 weeks and then they go inactive for weeks. The idea is to not let your account grow stale. Whenever visitors come across your account to potentially follow, they would want to see if you are actually using the account. Thus, keeping your posts frequent and up-to-date will ensure that your own Instagram page stays relevant. Try to post consistently at least once every three days!

     3. DO NOT post repetitive content

While keeping your posts frequent and up-to-date, you also need to keep in mind NOT TO post repetitive stuff. Don’t post the same thing every now and then. In simple words, DO NOT REPOST!

6 Things Businesses SHOULD NOT DO On Instagram!

Show your Instagram followers that you are committed even if your company only produces a single product. You need to toggle the creative side of your brain and figure out various ways to photograph that single product. Logically speaking, there are 10 different ways you can showcase a single product online. You can try different lighting, viewing angles, interesting backgrounds, or even seasonal displays.

One interesting and rather an impactful thing you can try here is to incorporate some emotional and relatable memories about the products for your audience. Ideas you can use for this can be something like:

  • Unique stories or facts behind your brand
  • Processes used to create your product
  • What are the ingredients sourced from?
  • Consumer testimonies and quotes of praise
  • Behind the scenes of collaboration and endorsement videos

There are many more potentially fantastic ideas you can incorporate into your posts to make every post unique!

     4. DO NOT misuse hashtags!

Hashtags are important! These are the most important tools used in the discovery process on Instagram. Viewers search for specific hashtags when they are looking for something that interests them. So including appropriate hashtags in your posts and stories is necessary and recommended. However, there are many businesses that don’t follow this and keep adding just about any hashtag, some that are not even relevant to the business. Instagram allows users to add up to 30 hashtags in a single post, but this does not mean you should add so many to your post, especially for a business account! If you do so, this would not help you in targeting that section of the audience who could be potential customers of your niche.

6 Things Businesses SHOULD NOT DO On Instagram!

Understand how it works:

Instagram users browse popular hashtags to discover new places to go, things to do, dishes to eat or products to purchase. So naturally, the more hashtags you include in your post, the more you will show up on these feeds and drive traffic to your profile. BUT, that does not mean you should include way too many hashtags in your posts. That would become spammy. What you should do here is, think of one or max two sensible hashtags for your business. Make sure these hashtags are relevant to your business and include your business name or even a unique but sensible combination of your business name and your niche.

Now you need to include these hashtags in your posts and stories so that it comes to the notice of your viewers. We recommend you to also include these hashtags in your Instagram bio because as mentioned earlier in this post, your Instagram bio is usually the first thing that your visitors check out!

6 Things Businesses SHOULD NOT DO On Instagram!

     5. DO NOT follow accounts irrelevant to your Niche!

It is understood, that if you have a business account on Instagram, then you sure as well must be following other influencers and established brands in your niche. However, many inexperienced businesses users on Instagram end up following way too many accounts, many of them that are not even relevant to their niche. Sometimes they just keep blindly following a ton of people, hoping they follow back, then unfollow them. You may have noticed some brands on Instagram whose “Following” section ticks up to thousands, which is at times at par with their “Followers” count or even a bit more than that. This is time-consuming and completely disingenuous and unprofessional!

To avoid making this mistake, be smart and search for creative, fantastic profiles. Follow the ones you love. Ignore those you don’t. Use Instagram’s discoverability features to hunt out new profiles to follow. This enables you to create a feed worth following. You may also give it a helping hand by linking to it on your other social profiles or website.

 6. DO NOT buy followers!

Apart from the above-mentioned one, another similar mistake that inexperienced businesses on Instagram make is buying followers. This they do in order to show off a massive follower base to new and genuine visitors. Many users also often purchase bots that post generic comments on other posts and follow any and every Instagram account that comes in their radar. What again happens here is they blindly keep following other accounts hoping they follow back. Then they unfollow many accounts at once to keep display a huge difference between their “Followers” and “Following” section.

There are numerous portals and apps available in the market that “Sell” followers. These portals claim to provide “Fast delivery” and “Results guaranteed”. This may seem compelling and might as well work for you in the short run. But when it comes to garnering long-term customer loyalty and benefits, this is something that an online business SHOULD NEVER DO! 

6 Things Businesses SHOULD NOT DO On Instagram!

Most true influencers take the time and dedication required to build a large and loyal following.  They know how to reach their audience and grow their account over time and understand that taking time to grow a follower base wit long-lasting trustworthiness has more value than buying bots and fake followers!

So these were some of the key mistakes businesses usually make on Instagram that should be avoided. Of course, these aren’t the only ones, but we think these are the most crucial ones. Drop in your comments below if you have any views or ideas about more such points!