When it comes to posting images on Instagram, the app offers some of the best filters and toggles to tweak the appearance of your image. You get to play with a wide variety of filters that can make your images so damn cool and appealing. What makes it even better is that every filter on Instagram is also customizable and you can tweak them as per your convenience. Apart from these, you also have conventional adjustment tools like Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, etc. to do more with your images. All in all, Instagram is a full-fledged picture editing tool that any photographer would love!

Now the point of having so many tools to use is to make sure that you use them effectively to get the best out of your images. While the filters may be many, but using them to perfection is an art. The mistake that the majority of people do on Instagram is that they simply just click on one filter, apply it and post the picture right away. That might work most of the times, BUT NOT ALWAYS! The filters are set to some default parameters when you apply them, but there’s so much more you can do with these default Instagram filters. So in this post, we will tell you about some cool and easy to use Instagram filter tricks that you should try to enhance the social appeal of your Insta posts!

6 Cool Instagram Filter Tricks You Must Know!

     1. Tap-Hold to compare!

Have you ever been confused which pic is better? The normal image or the one after filter application. Is it better or worse? If you weren’t aware of this trick, you can quickly compare a filter’s effects to your original photo by tap-holding on the pic. When you hold down your finger on the pic, you will get a preview of the original unfiltered pic and it will revert to the filter effect as soon as you release your finger.

This trick comes in real handy when you have tried 3-4 filters to find the perfect one but want to instantly compare the filter effect with the original pic. SAY GOODBYE TO UNDOING CHANGES AGAIN AND AGAIN!

     2. Alter a filter effect!

As mentioned earlier, every filter on Instagram has been set to some default intensities. But did you know that the intensity of every filter can be altered as per your preference? Yes, that’s right. You can choose to tone up or tone down a filter effect on Instagram, and it is very easy!

  • Open Instagram and select an image from your gallery to upload.
  • While uploading, click on any suitable filter from the filter roll to apply instantly.
  • Now tap on the filter thumbnail below the preview once again. You will see a draggable slider showing the intensity of the filter you have applied.
  • Simply drag the slider right or left to adjust the effect of the filter from 0 – 100


  • When you feel the effect is appropriate and suits your imagination, tap on “Done” to save it.


This trick is very useful in situations when you apply a filter to your image and find that its effect is too strong (Or less) you can then dial it back and forth!

     3. Apply filters to individual photos in an album!

Sometimes you wish to upload more than one image on your Insta profile. Then you can post them as a swipe-able album! But did you know that you can apply different filters to individual pics of an Instagram album if you are uploading multiple photos? Yes, that is very much possible.

  • Like you always do, open Instagram and tap on the “+” icon to upload images.
  • Tap on a picture and then click on the “Select multiple” option. You can also long press on an image to start selecting multiple images.

**You can only choose up to 10 images for a single album

  • After selecting your images, choose a filter below your selected photos and it will apply to all of them as default.

Instagram Filter Tricks

  • Now if you want, you can choose a different filter for each photo and edit them individually.
  • Just tap on each photo to bring up the filters and edit tools for applying to that photo only.

That’s it! Rest is what you always do while editing images on Insta.

     4. The Lux effect!

One of my favorite tools on Instagram is the “Lux” tool. You won’t find this name or this tool so easily on the app. That’s because many users overlook it as it’s not located in the Filter or Edit sections at the bottom of your phone. If you may have noticed while editing a pic on Insta, there is a “Half Sun” icon on top of your preview image. That is the Lux tool!

  • This is an additional effect which can be applied on every Instagram filter.
  • You can tap the sun icon that will bring up a slider for the Lux effect.

This tool is extremely useful in balancing out an uneven exposure, adding back details in areas that are too dark or too light and more.

     5. Rearrange your filter line up!

While scrolling through the filters on Instagram, you’ll find about 8-10 different filters to experiment with. But you’ll be surprised to know that Instagram actually has 40 different filters in its kitty, some of which you might not have heard of! You wouldn’t even know that there is a filter name Toaster, 1977 or Kelvin. That’s because the average Instagram user does not use more than 5-6 filters for their pics. I myself don’t use filters other than Clarendon, Ludwig, Juno, Mayfair, Monochrome and Lo-fi! So, I have rearranged my filter line up in such a way that only my favorite and more preferred filters show up in the beginning and the less preferred ones show up at the end.

What I’m trying to say here is that you can add, remove and rearrange the Insta filters based on your utilization. Whether you don’t use them regularly or don’t use them at all. You can move them less used filters towards the end of the line to have instant access to your favorites first, or you can hide them if you don’t use them at all. To adjust or rearrange your line up of filters:

  • Simply choose a photo to post and then swipe all the way to the right of the filters
  • Tap on “Manage

  • Now you can drag and drop to reorder them.
  • You can tap the checkmark on the right to hide the ones you don’t use or want to show up in the filter line up.


     6. The conventional edits!

Some perfectionists take their editing a step further by jumping over to the edit screen to adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Highlights, and Shadows after choosing a filter. These are the conventional editing tools which you find on any photo editor you use. These regular editing tools along with the occasional Vignette or Tilt-Shift effects can sometimes add some extra detailing into your filtered images.

Just like any other editing tool on Insta, these tools are extremely easy to use. You can simply choose an editing tool and then drag the slider to tweak its effect. But I must tell you that the slider for these tools are extremely delicate because sometimes when you release your finger, the slider moves from the number you had it set to. So, adding the precise effect might be a tricky task!

These are just a few useful Instagram filter tricks that most users overlook or don’t have the curiosity to tap around and explore. These aren’t exactly hidden features but are rather overlooked features on Instagram that can help you enhance your photo editing skills! Drop in your comments below to share some more useful Instagram filter tricks like these.